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QuietCool Fan Prices are Simple
QuietCool Authorized Dealer regulations do not allow us to publish our flat-rate prices on the internet.

Call us and we will quote you a price on the phone, or we can schedule an on-site visit. It’s your choice.
Call 855.226.5577 now!

Any of our phone numbers (855.226.5577, 951.226.5577, or 408.439.1807) will connect you to:
• Kevin Page, the owner / contractor
• Kathy Page, the owner
• Steve Peck, our Bay Area manager
• Norman Cantos, our office assistant

Several questions we will ask when you call:
• Approximately how many square feet is your home?
• Is your home single story, two stories, or other?
• Approximately what year was it built?
• Does your house have an attic?
• What area do you live in? (By the ocean, inland, mountains?)
Based on these questions—with some follow-up question—we can recommend the ideal QuietCool Whole House Fan system for your home and provide a price that includes complete installation.

How May Square Feet?
• Large homes require bigger fans, and maybe multiple units.
• It is important get the right size fan for your home.

How Many Stories Is Your Home?
• Single story homes require larger fans
• Two story homes tend to concentrate all the heat in the upstairs portion. It’s easier and faster to cool a two-story house.

Approximately What Year Was Your Home Built?
We are thinking about:
• Lath and plaster walls
• Knob and tube wiring
• Ungrounded wiring and over-loaded circuits
• Some NEW CONSTRUCTION homes are built with un-vented attics and require special attention.

Does Your House Have an Attic?
• Don’t worry, if you don’t have an attic we have a solution.
• How big is your attic?
• Is it a “walker”, a “crawler”, or a “belly crawler”?

What Area Do You Live in?
• Micro-climates are important.
• On the coast (like Del Mar, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and often in the Bay Area) houses are built with very small attic vents.
• Inland areas get much hotter and require larger systems.
• Foothill areas require smaller fans.

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