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Whole House Fans Really Work

This revolutionary idea is effective. It will make your home comfortable and lower your cooling costs by up to 90%. Read more. A Whole House Fan uses cool evening air to push the heat out through your home's attic. Fresh air is drawn in through open windows and vented up through the attic to the outside. Click HERE for QuietCool Fan Installation Prices

QuietCool is the BEST Whole House Fan

There are many competitors and I have installed most of them. Here are the reasons I believe QuietCool is the BEST Whole House Fan product available today. QuietCool is VERY QUIET, has a 15 year warranty, is air-sealed, is super efficient, and built right here in Southern California. Read more.

A Whole House Fan is the Single Best Home Upgrade

Many products promise to "save you money" however a QuietCool Whole House Fan provides the lowest cost and greatest benefit of any energy saving upgrade.

951 Construction is YOUR CHOICE for QuietCool Fans

Kevin Page has personally installed more than 1,000 QuietCool fans plus dozens from other manufacturers. Here's why we think you will choose us for your Whole House Fan installation.

Questions You Should Ask  

Use these questions to help select the best installer for your whole house fan:

 Why is QuietCool a superior fan?

Does my attic have enough vents?

Is my attic big enough for a QuietCool fan?

Should I use wireless controls? Will attic air leak back into my house?

How do you connect the fan to power?

Does it really make a difference who installs my fan?

How do you protect my attic insulation?

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QuietCool Whole House Fans Explained

-A QuietCool Whole House fan is a powerful exhaust fan that hangs from rafters in the attic.

-There is a metal damper box mounted in the ceiling of your home.

-Open windows in the rooms you want to cool and turn ON your QuietCool.

-The Whole House Fan vents air up into your attic and draws cool air in through the windows.

-Hot air in the attic is pushed out through existing attic vents.

-QuietCool Whole House Fans move A LOT of air, and this volume of fresh cool air rapidly cools your home.

“Thank you for installing the fan. What a difference! Seriously, even though the day is warming up, even now I have the fan going and fresh air is flowing in. It feels so much better. I can’t tell you how happy I am you installed the fan and you did such a professional job. Thanks again, and you can give out my number to any future people who need a good word.”   Joan -- Temecula Wine Country

There are two types of Whole House Fans

The Whole House Fan is a great idea, but how do you choose the best one for your home? I have installed a LOT of whole house fans from a variety of manufacturers and there are some very good reasons choose to install ONLY QuietCool Fans.

Ceiling Mounted Fans

The “Traditional” Whole House Fan

Large fan mounted directly to the ceiling joists.

Either belt driven or direct drive.

Pull-chain switch or wall mounted switch.

One or two speeds

Metal or plastic louvers/shutters

Very powerful and VERY loud

Common Ceiling Mounted Fans

Home Depot / Lowes


Tamarack Technologies

"Zephyr" Blade Fans

Ducted Fans

Revolutionary New Design

Powerful fan suspended from attic rafters

Direct drive motor

One to Four speeds

Metal air sealed damper box

Powerful and very quiet

Energy efficient and quiet brushless motor

Common Ducted Fans



Comfort Cool / Centric Air

Tamarack Technologies

Do NOT Buy a Ceiling Mounted Whole House Fan

Noise. They are VERY VERY loud.
Quality is Important. I have had poor luck with fans purchased from the "Big Box" hardware stores. Frequently I get calls from people asking me to service or repair these fans or replace the louvers. In fact, I have personally removed at least 20 of these fans and replaced them with QuietCool. Fans from Triangle and Tamarack good quality but will end up costing as much as QuietCool. I have had one service call for a Tamarack ceiling mounted fan and repaired it.
Air Sealing. One of the biggest problems with most ceiling mounted Whole House Fans is the plastic or metal louvers. They do not seal when closed. You can see daylight through them. On a hot summer day, your attic may reach 140 degrees, meanwhile your living space is 70 degrees. That is a 70 degree differential which creates a tremendous amount of thermal pressure! The 140 degree air “wants” to mix with your 70 degree air and vice-versa; and the great big Whole House Fan louvers that don’t seal become a great big energy leak in your ceiling! By contrast, QuietCool Whole House Fans utilize a metal damper box with actual doors. When the fan is off, the doors close and seal on a bed of soft foam. This air seal prevents diffusion of hot and cold air across the Whole House Fan opening. This single factor should be enough to convince someone to only choose a ducted QuietCool Whole House Fan.

QuietCool Ducted Fans Are the Best Choice

QuietCool invented and patented the ducted fan design.

QuietCool fans are very quiet. There are numerous design features that work to reduce noise.

QuietCool fans are made in Southern California. Parts and service are immediately available if ever needed.

QuietCool fans use superior dampers. Dampers are air tight when closed and do not leak energy.

QuietCool is the best and most affordable ducted fan. Other brands like Tamarack, AirScape and ComfortCool are have a similar . You will find the cost of an installed QuietCool fan is less than the other brands, the warranty is better, and the fan quality is better.

Kevin was very knowledgeable and clean. The installation went really smoothly. The fans are powerful. We love them!" Patrick - Encinitas (QC 6400 installed)