Installation day at a home in Mennifee

1) Cut hole for whole house fan intake grate. Dust and sheet-rock cut-out fall into box, which minimizes mess.

Menifee Blog1

2) Kathy takes box with mess outside.

Menifee Blog2

3) Sheet metal box placed in new hole cut in for the intake grate.

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4) Sheet-metal box is sealed with foam to keep attic air and debris where it belongs.

5) Whole house fan motor is hung from rafters in the attic.

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6) Duct is connected to sheet metal box.

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7) Electrical cable is connected to the fan and threaded down through the wall for a wall-switch.

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8) The wall-switch hole is cut and switch wired into place.

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9) Fan is connected to power. Sometimes we need to turn off the electricity for about half an hour.

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10) The attic fan or whole house fan is ready to use!

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