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QuietCool Trident Pro 6.5


The Trident PRO 6.5, new for 2015, is part of the QuietCool Professional Series that includes all new removable grilles, and included wall switch controls, in every box.

The Trident PRO 6.5 will help you slash your A/C related electricity costs by up to 90% and pays for itself faster than any other “green energy” product on the market today.

The Trident PRO 6.5 Features:

  • 6502 CFM capacity is the largest of the Trident Pro line
  • Double head motor design ensures quiet operation
  • Four speeds for versatile operation
  • Six feet of acoustical duct separates fan motors from ceiling opening
  • Damper box with insulated doors that close when fan is off
  • Removable ceiling grille for convenient cleaning

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Southern California

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I'm Kevin Page the Fan Installer, and I'm ready to put in your fan!

I’m Kevin Page the Fan Installer, and I’m ready to put in your fan!


Motor Voltage Two 120 V. AC, 60 Hz motors
Energy Use Speed 1: 300 Watts
Speed 2: 349 Watts
Speed 3: 654 Watts
Speed 4: 795 Watts
Air Flow Speed 1: 2,976
Speed 2: 3,476
Speed 3: 5,274
Speed 4: 6,502
Square Foot Coverage @ 2 CFM per SQFT Covers up to 3,250 SQ FT
Number of Speeds 4 Speeds
Duct Diameter 16″
Duct Length 6 feet
Motor Head Diameter 16 1/2″
Motor Head Length 13 3/4″
Sound Level on High 50 db
R Value at Closed Damper R 5.0
Dampers Air Tight Insulated Dampers
Warranty 15 Years Equipment Warranty from QuietCool
3 Years Full-Service Labor Warranty from 951  Construction
Framing None Required
Fits between “16 or 24” on CenterJoists No Joist Cutting Necessary
Minimum Suggested Attic Venting 8.5 SQ FT net free area
Ceiling Rough Opening 14 1/4″ X 36 1/4″
Ceiling Grill Outside Dimension 16″ x 38″
Ceiling Grill Color White – High Volume Air Flow
Motor E62815; E62788; E62862
Power Cord E55178; E147323
RACO Handy Box & Cover E195978
The Trident PRO 6.5 installed in its native environment.

The Trident PRO 6.5 installed in its native environment.



The QuietCool STL PRO 6.5 includes an electronic shut-off timer and four-speed control. We mount this on the wall at thermostat height.