QuietCool Stealth PRO 2.5

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The Stealth 2.5 fan is another quiet state-of-the-art AC/DC brushless motor made in America that is incredibly stingy on electrical energy consumption. QuietCool Stealth whole house fans sit atop the California Energy Commission  “Appliance Efficiency Database” as the most energy efficient fans on the market; you will be amazed at just how energy efficient the Stealth fans are. The Stealth fans come with an industry leading 15 year warranty. Say goodbye to stale, recirculated, closed-loop system A/C air, and enjoy fresh QuietCool air throughout your home! This fan motor and self-contained duct system hangs in the attic and the fan’s whisper quiet operation is made possible by QuietCool’s patented acoustical ducting that provides six feet of separation between the fan motorhead and the ceiling intake grill inside the house. The QC Stealth 2.5 draws 2560 CFM and is the perfect fan for homes that want a single-motor central unit combined with individual fans in the bedrooms for private, zoned control.

Standard installation by 951 Construction includes:

  • Complete installation of your QuietCool fan
  • No hidden charges
  • Fan will hang from rafters in the attic
  • Damper box and grille will be installed in the ceiling
  • Install wall mounted electrical switch (included)
  • Connect fan to power in the attic
  • 951 Construction is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor (979723)

* Installation does not include upgrading electrical circuits or electrical service if necessary, or any other upgrades to the home that may be necessary to install the fan. This usually only applies to homes built before 1990.

Installation was quick and professional very happy with the fan and FanInstaller.com. – Matt, San Diego CA (TRI 3.0 installed)


Damper Box 2.5-box-open-300
STL PRO 2.5 Configuration as it is installed in the attic. stl-pro-2.5-300
All QuietCool fans may be mounted vertically on a side-wall of the attic using a vertical adapter. 2.5-box-with-veritcal-box-300



Motor Voltage 120V AC, 60 Hz
Energy Use 137 Watts
Air Flow 2560 CFM
CFM/Watt-Efficiency Rating 18.7

Square Foot Coverage @ 2 CFM per SQFT

Covers up to 1,275 SQFT
# of Speeds Two Speed
Duct Diameter 16″
Duct Length 6 feet
Motor Head Diameter 16 1/2″
Motor Head Length 19″

Sound Level in Room “Acoustical”

45 db

R Value at Closed Damper

R 4.2
Dampers Air Tight Insulated Dampers
Controls Remote Control or Hard Wire Capabilties
Warranty 15 Years
Framing None Required

Fits between 16 or 24 on Center Joists

No Joist Cutting Necessary

Minimum Suggested Attic Venting

3.3 SQFT net free area
Ceiling Rough Opening 14 1/4″ X 22 1/4″
Ceiling Grill Outside Dimension 16″ x 24″
Ceiling Grill Color White – High Volume Air Flow
Shipping Weight  
Ship Carton Dimensions  
Ship Carton Cube  
UL Component UL Listing Numbers
Motor E62815; E62788; E62862
Housing ETL3171583
PowerCord ETL3171583
AcousticDuct MH11637