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855.226.5577 is part of 951 Construction, one of the most successful QuietCool Authorized Dealers in the country. Our company is owned by Kevin and Kathy Page (Lic #979723). We focus almost exclusively on energy conservation home improvements. Kevin Page is a certified Building Analyst by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), and everything we do as a company is influenced by this interest in building performance and energy efficiency. Products and services we offer:

-QuietCool Whole House Fans
-Custom fan and ventilation solutions
-Polyurethane Spray Foam insulation
-Radiant barrier insulation

Radiant barrier insulationWe have several websites that are owned and operated by 951 Construction:

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"Kevin and Kathy are high-school sweethearts who had been married for 20 years when the recession hit. They lost a business and decided to fall back on construction 5 years ago, choosing a niche business that would save electricity and money for average people like themselves. They started their company by crawling into hundreds of attics to install fans in every kind of home all over Southern California. They drove a tiny 1991 Toyota pick-up truck, and built up the business by advertising the most competitive prices anywhere, and always doing a professional job. When they were able to expand, they did so only when they found people who worked like business-owners, who were experienced, attentive to detail and smart. They offered to pay them well for every job. 951 Construction is not a profit machine. It is a service that proudly sends quality employees into your home knowing the job will be done efficiently and carefully. Today, we have expanded from fans to include spray foam and Airkrete insulation. Kevin still works in the field, and Kathy does office work and field estimates. They have determined to never grow faster than they can find people to install fans and foam as competently as they did when they started 951 Construction from the old 1991 Toyota pick-up.

Steve is a mechanical engineer and handles our inbound customer calls. He is a great resource to ensure you get the appropriate fan, the right attic vents, and proper installation. Steve is also an experienced fan installer.

Happy customers are our greatest asset. We want you to be one of them. We are not a big company and my only boss is you, my customer.

“My husband and I live in Carlsbad. Most homes here do not have air-conditioning. We were suffering whenever the weather was hot, but could not afford to put an air-conditioner in. We had two fans installed in our upstairs. What a difference it made! The fans are nice and small and so quiet compared to other whole house fans we have seen. The entire install took 4 hours and was very neat and clean. The fan grates are pleasing to the eye and blend in well with our ceiling.” Kim, Carlsbad   "We have just recently moved into our current home as we downsized from a two story to a single story house.  In our old house, we had installed a huge whole house fan with the fan blades just above the vents.  It worked great but it sounded like a helicopter was landing inside our house. We knew we wanted a whole house fan in the the new house to save electricity but we also wanted a quieter fan system.  I did a little googling and ran across Kevin and team.  I called him up and he patiently answered all my questions about the QuietCool system and I said 'Let's do it.' The installation process was a snap.  Kevin and his helper kept the noise and mess to a minimum and actually vacuumed the areas where some dust had fallen.  We even got a pretty slick timer that we didn't have in our old house...really makes a difference. We use it almost every night because the 4 speeds allow us to select from a gentle breeze to what feels like a windstorm inside my house!  I did some comparisons and when it's on low (which is where we keep it 90% of the time), it's about 1/10th the cost of our central air conditioning unit.  I woke up the other day and it was 68 degrees in my house which is way colder than where I would put the a/c at! I highly recommend Kevin and the QuietCool system!" Jon, Murrieta   “We are very happy with the fan, it does a great job circulating fresh air through the upstairs.” Darleen, San Diego   “I referred a lot of people to you, a guy in Moreno Valley and my neighbor. You did a great installation. Wonderful job! I enjoyed the process. Today is the first time I had to turn on the air when outside temp reached 98 degrees" Greg, Riverside   “Right after we bought the fan there was a cool spell so we haven't used it much but when we have, it had performed just as advertised. It is quiet, efficient, and exactly what we expected after taking to Kevin. My wife was very impressed on how non-intrusive the install was. Kevin and his helper kept the area very clean and the fan grate and switch look great." Carl, Pasadena

Address: Kevin Page - 951 Construction 24301 Oak Circle Dr. Wildomar, CA 92595CA
License: General Contractor Class B, Number 979723
Telephone: 951.226.5577 855.226.5577

We are Ready to Install Your QuietCool System

We are Kevin and Kathy Page, the owners of 951 Construction. We and our team of experienced installers are ready to install your QuietCool Fan system.

-We have installed more than 1,000 QuietCool fans.
-Every attic is the same, but they are all a little different. We don't need to "see" your attic to quote a price.
-We use flat-rate up-front pricing. (I don't need to see your stuff to know how much to charge you.)
-We am more than willing to come out and do an in-home quote if you would like that better.
-We are prepared to deal with obstacles and don't add extra charges.
-Installation price includes the fan, switch, timer, electrical connection, etc.
-No hidden charges.

The QuietCool fan system is the single most cost-effective energy improvement you can make for your home. We install a LOT of these fans and promise you a high-quality installation for an affordable price.

Standard installation by 951 Construction includes:

I'm Kevin Page the Fan Installer, and I'm ready to put in your fan![/caption] QuietCool is a high-quality product and we provide an affordable all-inclusive installation package. We INCLUDE everything for a high quality installation.

-Complete installation of your QuietCool system
-No hidden charges
-Clean and tidy installation
-Fan will hang from rafters in the attic
-Damper box and grille will be installed in the ceiling
-Damper box is sealed with expanding adhesive foam
-Install wall mounted electrical switch (included)
-Connect fan to existing power in the attic
-951 Construction is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor (979723)

* Installation does not include upgrading electrical circuits or electrical service if necessary, or any other upgrades to the home that may be necessary to install the fan.

You want 951 Construction to install your QuietCool Fan

We use spring-loaded poles to hold a dust catching box right under the ceiling to ensure no dust gets away.[/caption] We are always innovating. This picture shows one of our most recent and best improvements to our installation procedure. We cut the QuietCool fan box and use it as the perfectly sized dust catcher! Spring-loaded poles hold it up against the ceiling to capture ALL the dust that falls when we cut the ceiling hole for the fan. This is just one example of the many little things we have learned to make your install better. Kathy Page is credited with coming up with this innovative idea to keep your home clean while we install your fan.

This is what your QuietCool installation will look like

The QuietCool Whole House Fan hangs in the attic from the rafters and connects to the living space via an acoustical duct and damper box. All you see is an attractive cover plate for the switch and elegant grille covering the damper box.    

We include installation of the timer / switch in your upstairs wall

The QuietCool ceiling grille looks great in every home.

Not every fan installation is the same and the difference is in the details.

Quiet Installation

HOW and WHERE the fan hangs in the attic makes a difference in how loud it is. We have learned how to choose the ideal configuration so your fan is as quiet as possible. Air sealing and insulation are important, even for whole house fans. We do it right.

Air Sealing
951 Construction goes above and beyond what is required by using foam to air seal around the ceiling damper box.

The foam we use to air seal around the damper box has the added benefit of increasing the insulation value around the edges of the ceiling damper box.  We "cut-in" the fan into the existing insulation and leave it tucked-in tightly around the damper box.

Attention to Detail

Make sure the switch box is level.[/caption] It's the little stuff that makes the difference in a fan installation

-Make sure the wall switch is level
-Make sure the timer is even
-Connect the ground wires
-Air seal the damper box
-Properly replace the insulation

We make sure the little stuff is done right so your installation is first class.

Draping and Cleanup

We use plastic sheeting to control the dust and keep your home clean. Kathy Page is in charge of keeping your home clean while we install your QuietCool Whole House Fan

-We use our unique "dust catcher" to make sure no dust escapes into your home. (See picture above)
-We use washable and reusable rubber mats to protect your flooring.
-Rubber mats dramatically reduce the amount of plastic sheeting we consume AND do a better job!
-Kevin wears Tidy Trax hands-free boot covers to protect your flooring.
-We drape your closet contents whenever there is risk of getting dust or attic debris on them.
-We use a powerful cordless vacuum to cleanup any mess as it is created.
-All this effort results in a clean and professional installation.

Tidy Trax

Tidy Trax are another example of what we do to make our installation process better. This is the perfect solution to prevent me from soiling your floors. These innovative boot covers easily attach and remove, so I can take them off before getting in the attic, and put them back on when it's time to walk on your flooring! Every time we discover a way to make the installation process better, we adopt it immediately.

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Southern California 


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